Straight Tobacco by Bastard Tobacco Series Salts (30ml)

Straight Tobacco by Bastard Tobacco Series Salts (30ml)

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Brewed with encapsulates luxury and finest ingredient that serve you with a pleasant feels of smoking a cigarette. A perfect blend of bold tobacco flavour is an ideal for those who are looking for a real O.G’s taste without being too harsh.


  • Weight - 70g

  • Nic type - Salt Nic

  • Nic Strength - 35mg

  • Base Flavour - Tobacco

  • PG/VG Ratio - 50/50

  • Size - 30ml


Adding Nicotine: If we do not have the desired nicotine level instock, we can add up the nicotine that you are after, like 35mg, 40mg, 48mg, 50mg etc... please send us an email to with your order reference and let us know what nicotine level you are after.